Gabe Grant

Director of Production

Gabriel Grant began his career as a New York City Teaching Fellow. He taught theater to students with emotional disturbances, drawing on his undergraduate degrees in theater and psychology while earning his masters in Education. After four years building a department at Lillian Rashkis HS, he resigned to pursue a career in film production full-time. Throughout his eight years in the in-dustry, Gabriel has worked in every department on a film set as a writer, cinematographer, audio engineer, gaffer, editor, art director, and producer on projects ranging from reality television to infomercials to feature films. Throughout his career in film, he never lost his passion for education, and soon found himself longing to return to a world where he could help enact social change. In the fall of 2015, Gabriel joined the Connect with Kids team, finding a perfect union of his professional aspirations producing videos that have a positive impact on the lives of our students.
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